Polyimide Tape

Polyimide Tape is made of polyimide film as the substrate and coated with high performance pressure-sensitive silicone adhesive on one side. The coating precision of polyimide tapes provided by TOPKING is high, about ±2.5um. It features no scratching and no drawing and other phenomena, has good shearability and is easy for die cutting. In addition, its excellent high temperature resistance and solvent resistance properties make it the top seller heat resistant tape around the world.

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polyimide adhesive tape structure
High Quality Polyimide Adhesive Tape Structure

Real polyimide tape in the market is KAPTON tape that is polyimide film coated with high temperature silicone. PI silicone high temperature tape has been proven the best heat resistant tape from temperature resistance, dielectric properties, processing properties, chemical resistance and other aspects. It is also the most widely used high temperature tape in industry. If you are interested in knowing more high temperature heat resistant tape, just contact us directly!


Polyimide Tape Specifications Provided by TOPKING

Adhesive Silicone Carrier Polyimide Film
Color Amber/Gold Thickness 0.03mm~0.18mm
Length 33m/50m/66m/100m/200m/500mm
(36 yards~547yards)
Width 2mm~1024mm;
Adhesion to Steel 3.5~8.5 N/25mm Temperature Resistance 280℃
180° Peel Strength  100~1000 gf/25mm Storage Condition with temperature of 10℃~30℃, 40~70%

Above just listed standard size of polyimide adhesive tape produced by TOPKING, if you need custom-made service for your business, just contact our engineers to get quick quotation and detailed technical sheet!


Why Choose Polyimide Adhesive Tape as High Temperature Tape?

  • Heat Resistances: by equipping with high temperature silicone adhesive, polyimide adhesive tape can withstand long-term high temperature up to 220~260℃ and short-term high temperature up to 300℃ (30minutes).
  • No Residues: It can be easily removed without leaving any adhesive residue.
  • Anti-static: has anti-static effect on electrostatic discharge sensitive elements.
  • High Class Electrical Insulation: has excellent H class electrical insulation performance.
  • Super Flexibility and Shearability: with different thickness and adhesion, it is suitable for special insulation and heat-resistant protection after die-cutting.
  • High Viscosity: high quality imported adhesive ensures good adhesion and no warping.
  • Solvent and Chemical Resistance: acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance


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Wide Applications of Kapton Polyimide Adhesive Tapes

Polyimide high-temperature tape, with good high temperature performance adhesive and processed with advanced equipment and technology, is more stable when using under high temperature environment and is not easy to occur aging. So, what are the main uses of polyimide high temperature tapes?

wide application of polyimde adhesive tape
Polyimide Heat Resistant Tape Applications

Due to its multiple features, polyimide adhesive tape can be applied in many industries. In the mining, pharmaceutical and textile industries, there is no lubricant requirements in the wheel bushings, bushings, etc., then polyimide kapton tape can be used. In the automotive industry, near the engine parts, such as exhaust pipes, brake pads, bearings, timing gears, compressors, etc. will also use high-temperature resistant polyimide tape. In the electronics industry, it can be used for printed circuit boards, insulation materials, heat-resistant cable sockets, etc. In many light industries, and precision machinery industry, especially copiers, printers, polyimide high temp tapes are also play a very important role.
Polyimide high temperature tape has the performance characteristics of high temperature resistance and oxidation resistance, radiation resistance, corrosion resistance, insulation, etc., so it is no problem to use in some harsh environments. Over the years, polyimide tape plays an increasingly large role in some electronic products, precision instruments and other sectors, favored by the majority of customers.
In the electronics industry, many high-temperature tapes are indispensable. Polyimide high-temperature tape is for a broad range of electronic assembly and electrical insulation applications. It is used in many occasions. For instance, there will no damages because of too high temperature in insulation and the confined space. So the electronic products can be used for a longer time, saving cost for customers. It can also be used for the higher requirements of H-class motor and transformer coil insulation wrapping, high-temperature coil end wrapping fixed, temperature measuring RTD protection, capacitor and wire wrapping and other bonding insulation in high temperature working conditions.
In the circuit board manufacturing industry, polyimide tape can be used for electronic protection paste, especially for SMT temperature protection, electronic switches, PCB board gold finger protection, electronic transformers, relays and other electronic components that need high temperature resistance and moisture protection.

How to Solve Glue Off or overflow Problems of Heat Resistant Tape ?

Recently, a customer asked us about the problem of adhesive failure of their high temperature tape. This customer said that their high temperature polyimide adhesive tape was used for wrapping optical fibres. Before it was used, they noticed that its adhesive has been coming off and asked what we should do? Is there an alternative material we can recommend? Here, we simply offer two analysis:

  1. Glue off before use

This situation, we analysis that the high temperature tape bought was poor quality, maybe it is the problem of the manufacturer's production of glue coating, or it has been stored for many years. In the past, due to the coating of oil glue, high-temperature tape by many tape manufacturers was easy to spill and glue off; Later, many high temperature tape manufacturers changed to silicone coating to prevent glue off situation. In addition, we have also tested that high temperature tapes provided some manufacturers were originally qualified, and after half a year of placement there is a serious de-gluing situation. So, if glue is offed before using, the supplier sold defective products, or the materials were in poor quality. This situation can be solved by looking directly for a more professional and reliable high temperature tape manufacturer basically.

  1. Glue off in use

This situation is based on the specific using environment and the use of the requirements. If high temperature tape was coated with oil glue, it has a higher possibility of glue overflow or off (because the oil glue is cheap). If it is coated with silicone glue, it depends on the temperature resistance of the material itself. Usually, heat resistance of PI silicone adhesive tape is up to 230 ~310 degrees, and heat resistance of PET silicone high temperature tape is 150 ~ 180 degrees. 

Please note: the appearance of these two materials is basically the same and it is difficult to distinguish. So when you buy polyimide heat resistant tape, the first thing you need to figure out is whether you are buying PI type or PET type, and whether the glue coated is oil or silicone.