Masking Tape for Home Decoration at Factory Price to Germany

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Decoration is a major event for every family. In addition to some of building materials we are familiar with, many accessories items also have a great role to for home decoration, masking tape is one of them.

yellow masking tapes at factory price

Masking tape is widely used for painting work in decoration industry. It is convenient to use and its usage is basically the same as double-sided tape. The best seller of masking tape in the market is blue, green, yellow, and etc. When using, just paste masking tape in places where need to hide, after the spraying paint or painting, just tear off the masking tape. The whole process is very simple, but it can not only ensure the perfection of the painting work, but also can protect the hidden part. Therefore, it is increasingly welcomed in decoration market, whether for self use or business use. 

Masking Tape Purchased by German Home Decoration Company

Recently, one of our old client, a German home decoration company, ordered another batch of masking tape. We have cooperated since 2018. And every year, it will order many masking tapes from us. 

home decoration masking tape shipped to Germany
Yellow Masking Tape for Docration to Germany

Our masking tape for decoration is produced using new generation lamination process. With the advantages of impermeability, toughness, tearing and pulling without marks, no residual glue, etc., it has been the BEST tapes for home decoration and renovation companies. If you are interested in it, just contact us directly to get detailed technical data and latest promotion price!

How to Use Masking in Home Decoration?