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Thermally conductive graphite sheet is a new thermally conductive heat sink material that conducts heat uniformly along two sides, shielding heat sources and components while improving the performance of consumer electronic products. The color of thermally conductive graphite sheet is generally black, its material is processed natural graphite. 

The thermally conductive graphite sheet has ultra-high thermal conductivity in the range of 150-1500 W/m-K in-plane, and its thermal conductivity in the horizontal direction is up to 1500W/M-K. The unique combination of thermal conductivity properties of graphite thermal conductive sheet solutions makes graphite an outstanding material choice for thermal management solutions.

Advantages of Thermally Conductive Graphite Sheet

  • Super High Thermal Conductivity: 150-1500 W/m-K in-plane
  • Low Thermal Resistance: 40% lower thermal resistance than aluminum and 20% lower than copper.
  • Light Weight: 25% lighter than aluminum and 75% lighter than copper. 
  • Easy to Use: Can be smoothly adhered to any flat and curved surfaces and can be cut in any form to suit the customer's needs.
  • Flexible: The surface can be combined with other materials, such as metal, plastic, and stickers, to meet more design functions and needs.

Applications of Thermally Conductive Graphite Sheet

Graphite heat dissipation material is widely used in communication industry, medical equipment and other industries. It is widely used in PDP, LCD TV, Notebook PC (SONY/DELL/Samsung), UMPC, Flat Panel Display, MPU, Projector, Power Supply, PC's memory stick, LED substrate, and etc.

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