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Thermally conductive silicone sheet is a kind of thermally conductive medium material synthesized by a special process with silicone as the base material and adding various auxiliary materials, such as metal oxides. In the industry, thermal pad is also known as thermally conductive silicone pad, thermally conductive silicone film, soft thermally conductive pad, thermally conductive silicone gasket, etc.

Thermal conductive silica gel sheet is specially produced for the use of the gap heat transfer design scheme, which can fill the gap, open up the heat channel between the heating part and the heat dissipation part to effectively improve the efficiency of heat transfer, but also play the role of insulation, shock absorption, sealing and other functions. Thermal pad can meet the design requirements of equipment miniaturization and ultra-thin, so it is very technological and has super usability. In a word, it is an excellent heat-conducting filling material and it has various thickness available for a very wide range of applications.

Thermal Pad Superior Advantages

  • Soft, good compression properties and good thermal conductivity and insulation properties.
  • Wide range of thickness, so it is also suitable for the filling of cavity.
  • Natural adhesion on both sides allows great operability and easy maintenance.
  • Can fill the gap between the contact surfaces between heat source and radiator parts very well so as to reduce the contact thermal resistance.
  • Can squeeze the air out for the contact surface between the heat source and the radiator, since the air is a poor conductor of heat and will seriously impede the transfer of heat between the contact surface.
  • With the addition of thermal conductive silicone film, it can make the contact surface between the heat source and the heat sink better and full contact, truly face-to-face contact, which minimizes the temperature difference.
  • Thermal conductivity of the thermal conductive silicone film is adjustable, and the thermal conductivity stability is also better.
  • The features of thermal conductive pad in technical structure reduces the heat sink and heat dissipation structural parts of the process of differential requirements.
  • Has insulating properties (this feature requires the addition of suitable materials in the production).
  • Has the effect of vibration and sound absorption.
  • Excellent convenience for installation, testing and reusability. 

Applications of Thermal Pad

Thermal pad is used for the control motherboard of electronic and electrical products, the internal and external pads and footpads of motors, electronic and electrical appliances, automotive machinery, computer hosts, laptops, DVDS, VCDS and any places where need to be filled and cooling modules.

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Based on a deep understanding of the field of thermal conductivity, TOPKING provides comprehensive solutions of thermal conductivity interface materials for customers in new energy vehicles, security and surveillance, network communication, power supply, smart home and other industries.

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TK Series Thermal Pads

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