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Masking adhesive tape is a rolled adhesive tape made of crepe paper/washi paper and pressure-sensitive adhesive. It is coated with pressure-sensitive adhesive on the paper side, and coated with non-stick material on the other side. It has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, good chemical solvent resistance, high adhesion, softness, and no residual adhesive left after tearing off.

Common Masking Tape Classifications

Masking tape can be divided into many types according to different requirements. 

  1. Divided by heat temperature resistance: low temperature masking tape (<80℃), middle temperature masking tape (80℃~120℃), high temperature masking tape(>120℃).
  2. Divided by viscidity: Low viscosity masking tape, medium viscosity masking tape, high viscosity masking tape. 
  • High viscosity masking tape: holding time ≥ 6h,  180° peel strength 7.5N/25mm.
  • Low viscosity masking tape: holding time ≥ 4h,  180° peel strength 5.1N/25mm.
  • Medium viscosity masking tape: holding time ≥ 5h, 180° peel strength 6.1N/25mm.
  1. Divided by colors: natural color masking tape and colorful masking tape.


Masking Tapes Uses

Masking tape is a high-tech decorative, spraying paper tape. Because of its special properties of use, also known as color separation tape. It is widely used in interior decoration, spray painting of household appliances and spraying of high-grade luxury cars. The basic applications of masking tape is as below:

  • High temperature masking tape: used for wave-soldering, high temperature isolation, painting shielding protection, ceramic capacitors and various electronic parts manufacturing processes, automotive painting, furniture masking, pcb board fixing, etc.
  • Medium temperature masking tape: used for industrial surface coating masking. It is also used for laminating, sealing, color spraying and drying after spraying.
  • Normal temperature masking tape: used for masking of surface spraying, laminating, sealing, color separation and speckle spraying. It is used for drying after spraying.
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Washi Tape Masking Tape
Washi Tape Masking Tape

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